Contact a Confidential Advocate

CARE is fully operational, taking appointments, and responding to emergencies. Click here for information about scheduling an appointment with a confidential advocate.

For urgent matters, confidential counselors are available 24/7 by calling (530) 752-3299.

Get Involved

Opportunities with CARE


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CARE Outreach Volunteer Program

CARE volunteer opportunities include:

  • Developing and participating in campus outreach events related to raising awareness of sexual violence prevention

  • Assisting with program and event planning, i.e. Take Back the Night, Denim Day, etc.

  • Representing CARE at various resource fairs and outreach events

  • Assisting with administrative support, research, program evaluation, etc.


The CARE Outreach Volunteer recruitment is closed until fall 2023. 


CARE Prevention Education Intern Program

    The Prevention Education Intern role is to promote awareness and knowledge of sexual violence prevention, bystander intervention, and social norm change.

    This position is a commitment of 3-4 hours/week . 

    As a Prevention Education Intern, you will:

    • Facilitate peer education programs on campus for students, registered student organizations, and more.
    • Plan and implement outreach events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month, and Stalking Awareness Month.
    • Develop messaging and manage communications (social media and campaigns).


    Not a student, or unable to volunteer for UC Davis CARE?
    Consider making a difference in your community!