Contact a Confidential Advocate

CARE is fully operational, taking appointments, and responding to emergencies. Click here for information about scheduling an appointment with a confidential advocate.

For urgent matters, confidential counselors are available 24/7 by calling (530) 752-3299.

Talk to an Advocate

Emergency Response

Emergency response is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for urgent matters such as a sexual assault that has occurred in the past 5 days or assistance with emergency shelter due to intimate partner violence.

To speak with someone confidentially during business or non-business hours, please call (530) 752-3299.

Making an Appointment

A victim advocate is able to meet with you by appointment during business hours. Same day appointments may be available for urgent matters.

To speak with a confidential advocate and/or to make an appointment,

please call 530-752-3299; or email 


The Center for Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE) is a confidential and independent resource, and as such, does not accept or process reports or formal complaints of any form of sexual violence or harassment, nor does CARE make notice to UC Davis or any law enforcement agency. If a survivor wishes to make a report or put the University on notice (formally make the institution aware of an issue), CARE can provide information on how to do so.