Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) program mandatory?

The VIP requirement is in response to California Assembly Bill 1088 and the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA, reauthorized in 2013), which includes the Campus SaVE Act.  These articles of legislation, as well as other State legislation, i.e. Senate Bill 967, require that all college campuses provide all of their incoming students with information largely dictated by those laws.  Topics covered in the VIP program include: definitions of sexual assault, consent, dating/domestic violence, and stalking, information regarding primary prevention (addressing social norms which contribute to violence), risk reduction strategies, bystander intervention, reporting options, and resources for survivors.

I'm a transfer or reentry student, do I still have to complete the VIP program?

Yes.  All new, incoming, UC Davis students, including transfer, reentry, and international students are required to complete the VIP program.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the VIP program?

The UC Davis Compliance and Policy Unit is the office responsible for managing registration holds connected with the completion of the VIP and SVPT programs.  If you have a question about holds or the mandatory education requirement, please email

If you have questions about the content of the program, or would like to learn more about sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or stalking, you may contact the CARE office at  Please note that we will not be able to answer questions about your completion or remove your hold via a phone call, those inquiries must be submitted via email at