How to Report a Sexual Assault

A victim advocate can talk with you about all your options for reporting a sexual assault. The following is meant to give a brief overview of the various reporting options for UC Davis students, staff and faculty. For information on how to contact the victim advocate, go HERE.

Reporting vs. Not Reporting

It is your right to choose whether to report the assault of not.  There are several confidential resources that can help you make an informed decision regarding reporting.  You may choose to report the assault right away, after taking some time to get support and take care of yourself, or you may choose to never report the assault... it's entirely up to you.

Confidential Resources:

Reporting the Assault to UC Davis

If the assailant is affiliated with UC Davis, as a student or employee, the university may take action and apply disciplinary sanctions.  For more information about the process of reporting to the university contact the Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program (HDAPP) at 530-752-9255, or you may choose to visit the campus website - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.

If you would like the victim advocate to accompany you to make a report, contact the Center for Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE) at 530-752-3299 or

Reporting to Law Enforcement

If you would like to report the assault to the police the first step is to determine which law enforcement agency to report to; this is based on where the assault happened.  For example, if the assault occurred on UC Davis property, the report would be made to the UC Davis Police Department.   

Generally, a report to the police will involve speaking with a first-response patrol officer who will make sure you are safe, gather basic information about the assault, and evaluate the need for a medical exam to collect evidence.  The evidentiary exam is NOT done by the officer; it is conducted by a specially training medical practitioner.  You might also be contacted by a detective for a follow up interview.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies:

  • UC Davis Police Department: 530-752-1230
  • Davis Police Department: 530-758-3600
  • Sacramento Police Department: 916-732-0100

The CARE victim advocate can help you to determine which law enforcement agency to contact if you wish to report the assault to the police.